Getting Your License/Links

For those interested in getting their ticket, I suggest the following websites:

Code of Federal Regulations Title 47 - Telecommunication - Chapter I - FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION - Subchapter D - SAFETY AND SPECIAL RADIO SERVICES - Part 97 - AMATEUR RADIO SERVICE (FCC Part 97)
- FCC Part 97 on the GPO Website - Single page
- FCC Part 97 on the GPO Website - Multi page
- Part 97 in PDF Format

Technician Class Study Materials
Official Question Pool:
Study Guide:'s/Technicia…
Study Guide:…
HamCram Presentation (PowerPoint Format):
KE0OG Youtube Videos:

General Class Study Material
KE0OG Youtube Videos:

Extra Class Study Material…
KE0OG Youtube Videos:

This is an article referring to the Amateur Extra License in particular; but it explains how one can study for the test:

Youtube Course by KE4GKP for Technician, General and Morse Code (NOTE: Technician and General Courses are Out-of-Date):

US Amateur Radio Band Chart
Color PDF:…
Black and White PDF:
Grayscale PDF:…
Color JPG:
Technician Chart - Color PDF:…

Ohm's Law Chart:

Practice Exams
Copasetic Flows:
Ham Test Prep for Android:

Class Search (Nationwide):

Exam Sessions
Exam Search (Nationwide):
Laurel VEC Exam Schedule:
Anne Arundel Amateur Radio Club:

International Radio Regulations ITU:
FCC Amateur Radio Service Homepage:
FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS):
United States RACES:
Prince George's County, MD ARES/RACES:
AE7Q's Amateur Radio Database Query tools:
AH0A Amateur Radio Statistics:
The Mid-Atlantic Repeater Council (Frequency Coordinator):
WebSDR Project (Software-Defined Radios connected to the Internet):

Amateur Radio Social Networking